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(U.S. patented process)

ELECTROBRIGHT, a leader in the electropolishing industry, has developed a proprietary method for electropolishing metals.

Magnetoelectropolishing Advantages:

ELECTROBRIGHT has developed and patented modified electropolishing process namely magnetoelectropolishing that addresses these needs.

In response to growing demands for super smooth, corrosion resistant, fouling resistant, biocompatible, and hemocompatible metallic surfaces, Electrobright has developed a modified electropolishing process that addresses these needs.

Benefits of this patented process particularly, but not exclusively for austenitic stainless steels are as follows:
  1. Alternating surface energy indicated by change in contact angle
  2. Enhancing pitting and uniform corrosion resistance in high chloride concentrated solutions
  3. Halting nickel (Ni) ion leakage in high chloride concentrated solution
  4. Shifting Ecorr (corrosion potential) to the more positive direction
  5. Creating more homogenous passive layer enriched in Cr. Study by Auger electron spectroscopy indicated decreasing amount of Fe against Cr from 1.71 after electropolishing to 0.71 after magnetoelectropolishing.
  6. Drastic minimization of soiling after contact with body fluids (blood, saliva, urine)
  7. Reduction of bacterial attachment and early biofilm formation
Modified Nitinol Electropolishing
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