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Electrobright cooperates with Fermi National Laboratory to improve finish of superconducting niobium cavities (main components of every particle collider) by applying the magnetoelectropolishing process combine with new patent pending electrolyte formula for electropolishing niobium.

In the last two decades the electropolishing process seems to have been rediscovered mainly due to the demand for super clean (by metallurgical means), homogenous, corrosion resistant, biocompatible surfaces, which do not interfere in processes utilized by semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and body implants industries.

More often valve metals, their alloys, and intermetallic compounds are utilized in these industries. ELECTROBRIGHT is one of a small number of companies which specializes in electropolishing to satisfy this growing demand.

With more than 25 years of experience, ELECTROBRIGHT has successfully worked with clients to solve their problems with electropolishing process through developing new processes for new alloys, modifying existing ones, and applying our own proprietary electropolishing methods.

ELECTROBRIGHT has developed a proprietary electropolishing process for electropolishing the following metals, their alloys, and intermetallic compounds:

Electropolished Nitinol Coil
Electropolished Nitinol Coil

Electrobright Specializes in:
  • Nitinol Electropolishing (NiTi shape memory intermetallic compound)
  • Titanium Electropolishing (CP Titanium, Ti6A14V, Ti6A17Nb, Ti15V3A13Cr3Sn)
  • Ti 6AL 4V Electropolishing
  • Niobium Electropolishing
  • Tantalum Electropolishing
  • Tungsten Electropolishing
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